Some Pixel 8 Pro individuals grumble that this prominent app is triggering battery drain and home heating concerns

Some Pixel 8 Pro users complain that this popular app is causing battery drain and heating issues

Numerous Pixel 8 Pro users have articulated issues pertaining to considerable battery drain and heating problems associated with the Spotify app, raising alarms within the Pixel community. The concern was highlighted by a customer called Jimbobler on Spotify’s community forum, who reported a worrying drain of 38% battery within simply 4 mins of active display time and approximately 4 hours and 44 mins of background activity while utilizing Spotify on their new Pixel 8 Pro tool.

Jimbobler’s experience additionally showed that the phone displayed obvious heat for an extensive duration complying with Spotify’s installation, Phone Field reported. Remarkably, upon disabling background activity for the application, the gadget’s temperature level without delay stabilized, suggesting a possible correlation between Spotify’s background procedures and the observed heating concerns.
Succeeding grievances from various other Pixel 8 Pro customers affirmed Jimbobler’s account, with one customer contrasting Spotify’s battery consumption unfavorably to a rival app, Distinct, which exhibited dramatically lower battery usage under similar use problems.

In feedback to these grievances, a Spotify moderator advised a tidy reinstallation of the application as a potential option, recommending that cached documents might be contributing to the concerns. The moderator directed individuals to Spotify’s assistance page for advice on doing a complete reinstallation.

For Pixel individuals facing these concerns, Spotify recommends a fast reinstallation process, accessible via the gadget’s setups food selection. Customers are recommended to uninstall Spotify, re-install it from the Google Play Shop, and make sure that their Pixel tools are running the latest variation of Android. Additionally, users are cautioned against allowing Battery Saver mode while using Spotify, as it may disrupt the application’s efficiency.

Google and Spotify are yet to offer official statements addressing the reported problems, leaving Pixel 8 Pro customers to seek solutions to recover ideal performance on their tools. People can also choose to utilize other music streaming applications if the above-mentioned service is not helping them. One can download the YouTube Music application as it includes all the apps that an individual might intend to listen to and the subscription cost is additionally not that high. Buying a membership also lets you enjoy YouTube video clips without advertisements. So, you are getting both music streaming application gain access to and videos without ads on YouTube without paying much.

In India, the price of the YouTube Costs membership is Rs 139 for a regular monthly strategy and Rs 1290 if you choose a yearly subscription. People who are based in the United States would certainly have to spend $13.99 a month. The costs are visible on the company’s application.

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