Petrol, Diesel Fresh Rates Announced: Check Rates In Your City On March 24

Petrol, Diesel Rates Today On March 24, 2024: Every early morning at 6 am, oil marketing business (OMCs) reveal the prices of petrol and diesel, no matter their stability. This consistent process, managed by OMCs, requires readjusting prices according to changes in worldwide petroleum prices and foreign exchange rates. This systematic strategy guarantees that customers stay notified concerning the daily modifications in fuel expenses.

In India, the pricing of petroleum and diesel is subject to impacts like freight fees, value-added tax (VAT), and local taxes, causing different rates across states.

Gas Diesel Rate Today In India (Check city-wise price listed here).

Mumbai Petrol & Diesel Rate.

Mumbai Petrol Cost Today.

Since March 24, the price of petroleum in Mumbai continued to go beyond the Rs 100 mark, getting to Rs 104.21 per litre.

Diesel Rate In Mumbai Today.

Since March 24, the cost of diesel in Mumbai is Rs 92.15 per litre.

Delhi Diesel Rate Today.

Since March 24, the price of diesel is valued at Rs 87.62 per litre.

Delhi Petroleum Rate Today.

As of March 24, the expense of gasoline in Delhi is Rs 94.72 per litre.

Check city-wise petroleum and diesel rates on March 24:

Chennai 100.98 92.56.
Kolkata 103.94 90.76.
Noida 94.80 87.93.
Lucknow 94.65 87.76.
Bengaluru 99.84 85.93.
Hyderabad 107.41 95.65.
Jaipur 104.88 90.36.
Trivandrum 107.25 96.13.
Bhubaneswar 101.60 93.16.
petroleum and diesel rates on March 24

In India, fuel rates have stayed stable given that May 2022, following a reduction in gas tax obligations by the central government and a number of states.

Fuel market prices are changed by OMCs daily at 6 am based on the global price of petroleum. The federal government supervises fuel rates with mechanisms such as excise tax, base pricing, and cost caps.

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Factors Impacting Petroleum And Diesel Rates In India.

Crude oil cost: The key resources for the manufacturing of gasoline and diesel is petroleum, and because of this, its cost directly influences the ultimate cost of these gas.

The currency exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the United States buck: As a significant importer of petroleum, India’s gasoline and diesel costs are also influenced by the currency exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the United States buck.

Tax obligation: Different tax obligations on petroleum and diesel are enforced by both the central and state federal governments. These taxes may vary across states, applying a notable influence on the ultimate rates of gas and diesel.

The cost of refining:

The last rate of gas and diesel is furthermore affected by the expenditures sustained in refining petroleum into these gas. The refining process can be expensive, and the refining costs may fluctuate based upon aspects like the type of petroleum utilised and the performance of the refinery.

The need for fuel and diesel: The demand for petroleum and diesel can also influence their prices. If need for these gas boosts, it can bring about higher costs.

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