Bentley introduces special Mulliner models for India’s elite

Bentley has actually introduced its first-ever Mulliner Bespoke Version, called the Opulance Edition, made specifically for the Indian market.
This elegant lineup includes five independently curated versions: a Continental GT Rate, a Traveling Stimulate Speed, and three Bentayga EWB Azure variations.
Each car showcases an unique outside and interior surface motivated by the dynamic shades of the Indian flag, representing the peak of luxury automotive style.

The Luxury Edition lorries sport a sensational ‘Scarab Green’ exterior, an unique Mulliner production motivated by the iridescent green exoskeleton of the scarab beetle.
Inside, the bespoke ‘Mandarin chinese Orange’ and ‘Cumbrian Environment-friendly’ displayed system on the dashboard, door trims, and seats pay tribute to India’s national colors, effortlessly blending luxury with patriotism.
The mirror-like piano veneer of the fascia and trim, including an inset chrome motif of wild horses and hill optimals, even more includes in the lavishness.

Performance highlights of Luxury Version models

The Continental GT Speed is a giant with a 659hp, W12 engine, using impressive efficiency. It rolls on 22-inch ‘Rate’ wheels, highlighting its muscle lines.
The Flying Spur Speed features a 626hp, 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged W12 engine, supplying luxury and sophistication with its Scarab Eco-friendly exterior, ruby knurling, and ‘Naim for Bentley’ stereo.
The Bentayga EWB Azure focuses on space and high-end, supplying a four-seat arrangement and Bentley’s Dynamic Ride innovation. It gets a 450hp, 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 petrol-hybrid setup.

Dedication to India

Celebrating Bentley’s dedication to the Indian market
The Opulence Version shows Bentley’s dedication to supplying bespoke deluxe automobiles tailored to the discerning tastes of Indian consumers.
This unique color and trim spec is an outcome of a collaboration in between Bentley Mumbai and the Mulliner team, celebrating Bentley’s very first Mulliner bespoke edition for the Indian market.
With their elegant layout, glamorous features, and efficiency capabilities, these special designs are set to make a declaration in India’s luxury vehicle


How much do Bentley’s Luxury Edition cars and trucks cost?
Bentley has not revealed the rates of the unique Opulence Version automobiles. Nonetheless, they are most likely to carry a costs over the typical models which begin at Rs. 5 crore for Bentayga, Rs. 5.23 crore for Continental GT, and Rs. 5.25 crore for Traveling Spur.

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