Company Name

Honasa Consumer Private Limited

Promoters Name

Ghazal Alagh

Varun Alagh

Promoters Means Founder Of The Company

PE Ratio

Mamaearth IPO

The company reported a net profit of Rs 14 crore in FY22. That works out to a price-to-earnings ratio of about 1,714x

Mamaearth Unicorn

The company became a unicorn in January 2022, with a valuation of $1.2 billion

Mamaearth IPO Size

Mamaearth is said to be looking at a target market capitalisation of $3 billion (about Rs 24,000 crore) with the size of its IPO.

Mamaearth Angle Investor

Mamaearth IPO

Fresh Issue

The company plans to raise as much as Rs 400 crore through a fresh issue of shares,

Mamaearth IPO

Offer For Sale

offer for sale of about 46.8 million shares.

Mamaearth Ipo

Business Valuation

The company reported a net loss of Rs 1,332 crore in FY21 and Rs 428 crore in FY20, as per the draft prospectus

Mamaearth IPO

Founder are Couple

Varun Alagh And Gazhal Alagh are Husband And Wife

Mamaearth IPO

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